We hold regular Prayer meetings and Bible Study to help us understand and grow in our Faith in God through Jesus Christ.  Because of this we feel we can help in the following.  Whatever your need we can be there for you


We offer a listening ear for when you have problems.  Our Stewards or Minister Rev Andy Chislett-MacDonald can offer that "listening ear" without being judgemental just when it is needed


Sometimes a situation can throw us into turmoil and we aren't sure what to do. Through our listening we can help you make sense of your situation and hopefully feel better


As a Church of God our aim is show the Love of God to all we meet.  Not to force anyone to hear about our faith but if anyone asks to provide them with the Good News of God.  If you choose to enter into Faith we can help you.  Beyond that as a Church, we can support you for as long as you want

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